Smart Exam

What happens when you connect artificial intelligence with a learning mode? That's right, Smart Exam is a new feature that supports you in preparing for your exam! The Smart Exam feature asks you, besides your content, AI-based personalized questions based directly on the content in your set and then provides detailed feedback on your answers. This lets you identify your knowledge gaps and prepare for upcoming exams or tests!

Important: So far, we have only implemented the Smart Exam function for our mobile app. The feature is still in beta, and little mistakes or some loading time can happen because the question and the feedback to your response have to be created by AI. Now you can only find three learning modes anymore. We combined the test and the Exam AI mode together. 

Study with Smart Exam (Mobile App)

  1. Go to your "Library". (second icon from the left)
  2. Select the set for which you would like to learn your flashcards.
  3. Go to the "Progress" area and click the Smart Exam feature.
  4. Now you can personalize your Smart Exam:
    1. Numbers of questions: You can choose up to 100 flashcards will be asked.
    2. Tags: Choose flashcards with certain tags for Smart Exam.
    3. Question Types: 
      1. Free Answer: Include AI-generated questions in your Smart Exam
      2. Short Answer: Activate type the answer questions
      3. Multiple Choice: Multiple Choice flashcards will be included
      4. Auto-generated multiple choice: Multiple Choice flashcards aren't included in this set? We will add multiple-choice answers to the flashcards for your Smart Exam.
  5. You have now completed all the settings for your Smart Exam? Then click on "Start Smart Exam".
  6. You can identify the question type in the top-left corner during the exam.
  7. After answering all the questions, you will receive an overview of your score. That shows you how many flashcards you had correctly answered.  In addition, you now have the option to "Start new Exam" or to "close" Smart Exam.



We appreciate all feedback! Please don't hesitate to click on "Give feedback" during the exam or at the very end of the exam to give us your improvement ideas. You can also give us feedback about all AI features using this form. We greatly appreciate your help! :)


Do you have any further questions regarding this feature?

Please don't hesitate to contact us at Our Support will be happy to help you.

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