Pause Spaced Repetition

Spaced Repetition is a learning method where you do regular, short study sessions over a longer period of time instead of cramming for hours on end. Spaced Repetition uses an algorithm to determine the best time for you to review flashcards you’ve already learned, thus improving your efficiency and increasing your long-term retention.

You can activate Spaced Repetition Mode individually for every Study Set. Once turned on, you will first enter the learning cycle. You can now also pause the Spaced Repetition mode for your study set in your mobile app if you wish to stop the learning cycle for that study set. You can then concentrate on studying for other sets and resume Spaced Repetition for your paused set anytime.

How do I pause Spaced Repetition for my set? (Mobile App)

  1. Go to the “Library” overview. (second icon from the left)
  2. Select the set for which you want to pause Spaced Repetition.
  3. At the top of your study set, you will now see the "Progress" section showing the different study modes. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner next to "Spaced Repetition".
  4. Then select "Pause Spaced Repetition" and confirm by clicking on "Yes". Your progress will of course, be saved and you can resume Spaced Repetition for your study set anytime.
  5. You will then be taken back to your study set overview. If you want to resume Spaced Repetition again for your study set, all you have to do is click on "Start learning" under "Spaced Repetition".


Do you have any questions about Spaced Repetition?

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