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What happens when artificial intelligence is connected to the setup of your account? That's right, Generate AI, a new feature that supports you with learning content right after creating your account! Thanks to the Generate AI feature, you have access to content on pre-selected topics right after completing the setup of your account, saving you time and allowing you to start learning right away.

Important: So far, we have only implemented the Generate AI function for our mobile app. The feature is still in testing, and only a small test group of our users can access the feature. If you do not have the feature in your app, please be patient, this feature will be available to all of our users in the future.

Let Generate AI create content during registration (Mobile App)

  1. Download the StudySmarter app.
  2. Click on "Sign up for free" in the next step.
  3. Now you can choose between four different registration options. 
    1. "Sign up with email": Here, you can create your account with your personal email address and a unique password.
    2. "Continue with Facebook": Here, you can create your account directly with your Facebook account data.
    3. "Continue with Apple": Here, you can create your account directly with your Apple account data.
    4. "Continue with Google": Here, you can create your account directly with your Google account data.
  4. Now your StudySmarter account is created, and you can start setting it up.
  5. In the first step of the setup, you should select your country and your educational institution:
    • School
    • University
    • Other
  6. Then you can enter your school type (high school, secondary school, etc.) or your university/college.
  7. In the next step, you enter your class or your desired degree.
  8. If you are studying, you can also select your study program and the year you started studying.
  9. Now comes the first part of our Generate AI. Select your desired school subjects or courses and click "Continue (X)", and you will find sets with 15 flashcards for those topics in your account after completing the setup. Please be patient, the generation can take a few seconds.
  10. After the sets are automatically created, you just have to click "Get started" and confirm again by clicking "Continue".
  11. Finally, you will be directed to your account and can find automatically generated sets on the pre-selected topics.



We appreciate all feedback! Please don't hesitate to click on "Give feedback" during the exam or at the very end of the exam to give us your improvement ideas. You can also give us feedback about all AI features using this form. We greatly appreciate your help! :)


Do you have any further questions regarding this feature?

Please don't hesitate to contact us at Our Support will be happy to help you.

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